Exploding Text Effect

  1. First of all create a new 500x500, RGB Mode and White background. Now create some text with type tool: 72pt, black color and set the font style bold.

  2. Right click on your text layer and select rasterize. This will switch your text layer from vector to pixel.

  3. Create a new working layer. Click Layer => Duplicate Layer and then select the new layer on your layer panel as your current editing layer.

  4. Now set your foreground color to white and click Edit => Fill and set the following values.

  5. So now we can blur pixel, select the menu Filter => Blur => Gaussian Blur and setting: 5.4.

  6. Changing your coordinate scale actually interprets that your pixel points have been in a polar graph and regraphs them in a rectangular graph which is the normal graph most are familiar with. What we are doing is changing the way the pixels are oriented, applying an effect to them in that new state, then will change the graphing method back. So, select Filter => Distort => Polar Coordinates in options: select Polar to Rectangular.

  7. Apply a wind to your active layer. Click Filter => Stylize => Wind. Default settings and click ok and again apply wind a second time. Filter => Stylize => Wind. Default settings and click ok.

  8. Now we are going adust the levels by clicking Image => Adjust => Auto Levels.

  9. In this step Click Image => Adjust => Invert.

  10. Now apply wind for the 3rd time: Filter => Stylize => Wind and now again apply wind yet again for the 4th and final time. Filter => Stylize => Wind.
    (Remember: All the time Wind setting is default).

  11. Change your coordinates back by clicking Filter => Distort => Polar Coordinates and change the options: Rectangular to Polar.

  12. Now in layer panel Set Layer Mode to Hard Light.

  13. In final step it is time to colorize your image so click Image => Adjust => Hue/Saturation. Hue/Saturation box open, Check the "Colorize" checkbox and play with the settings of:

    • Set saturations up to the top

    • Select the Hue of choice

    • set your saturation down to the level you want.

    But I can play with the following Setting:

This is my Final Explode Text Effect Result. Hope you will ENJOY! :)


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