Soil Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will teach you step-by-step how to create a Unique Soil Text Effect. It's look nice!.

  1. In this photoshop tutorial first I will create a new file 400x300 with white background.

  2. Then create a new layer.

  3. So now I am going to type text which I want to give some unique effect.

    I gave 72pt text size, bold and the Font Family is Book Antiqua.

  4. Now I am going to give some unique look, so go to Filter => Stylize => Diffuse and select Normal shown below in figure.

  5. Now go to Filter => Stylize => Emboss and Select the values shown below in figure.

  6. In step 6 go to Filter => Texture => Grain and select texture pattern of grain then click ok.

  7. In this step I am going to give some Drop Shadow so go to Layer => Layer Style => Drop Shadow or just double click on your type layer on the layer palette. Once the Layer Style box has opened then use the following values for Drop Shadow.

  8. Now click on Inner Glow and set the values shown below.

  9. Then click on Satin and set the values shown below.

  10. In final step click Stroke and change the values shown below.

Final Result :)


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