We are going to learn how to use the brush tool to make some fireworks for your images. First we will create the brush and apply it to the background of a city image and then we'll spice it up a little with some layer styles.

Step 1: Find an image that you think needs some fireworks in it.

Step 2: Next, we will start the process of creating the brush. Photoshop 7 introduced a brush engine that allows us to create a ton of effects with brushes. We now have many brush properties that can be modified and even a window to preview what the brush will look like. So select the brush tool and open up the brush palette (Window => Brushes).

Step 3: Click on "Brush Tip Shape" and make your settings similar to mine here.

Step 4:Next, click on "Shape Dynamics" and make your settings similar below.

Step 5:Now, do the same for "Scattering".

Step 6: Finally, "Color Dynamics". Also, after you set these Color Dynamics properties set your foreground color to a bright red (R:255, B:0, G:0) and your background color to a bright orange (R:255, B:155 , G:0 ). Notice how we set the color dynamics foreground/background jitter in the brush palette - Changing these colors will help vary the brush strokes.

Step 7: We are ready to paint on our image now. I personally use a Wacom 8x6 tablet and its worth its weight in gold. But it will still work fine if you don't, you may just have to practice a little.
It also may help to look at an image with fireworks (search on google) but basically you just need to start painting strokes with your new brush. Because of the way that the brush fades, painted from the outside in towards the middle to simulate the fireworks exploding. Also purposely made my fireworks larger than we want them in the final image. You will see why in a few steps. See my image here for an example.

Step 8: Just keep repeating this process trying to keep a general circular exploding type look. This is where the art comes in - there is now real way to automate this. You don't need to know how to draw - you just need to experiment. Plus we are going to be scaling it down so that will hide a lot of mistakes.


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