Photoshop Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Marquee Tools:
    Pressing Shift-M toggles back and forth between the rectangular marquee and circular (Elliptical) marquee tools.

  • Pen Tools:
    To cycle through the standard pen, freeform pen, and magnetic pen tools: press Shift-P.

  • Add Anchor:
    To select the Add Anchor Point tool press "+".

  • Subtract Anchor:
    To select the Subtract Anchor Point tool press "-".

  • Ruler Tool:
    Press U to get the Measure tool. (Tip here: when you use the new Ruler tool, the Info box automatically appears, but here's the cool part. If you measure something that's crooked, the measurement automatically appears in the Rotate Canvas box for you and the proper rotation [clockwise or counter clockwise] is already selected for you. Pretty slick).

  • Eraser Toggle:
    To toggle between the regular Eraser tool and the Background Eraser, and Magic Eraser, press Shift-E.

  • Auto Contrast:
    To run Auto Contrast, press Shift-Command- Option-L (PC: Shift- Control-Alt-L).

  • Save for Web:
    To Save for Web, press Shift-Command-Option-S (PC: Shift-Control-Alt-S).

  • Toggle Between History and Art History Brush:
    Press Shift-Y to toggle between the History brush and the Art History brush.

  • Extract Dialog Box:
    To bring up the Extract dialog box, press Command-Option-X (PC: Control-Alt-X).

  • Extract Edge Highlighter:
    Within the Extract dialog box, switch to the Extract Edge Highlighter tool by pressing the letter b.

  • Extract Fill Tool:
    Within the Extract dialog box, switch to the Fill tool by pressing the letter k.

  • Extract Edge Highlighter's Brush Size:
    Within the Extract dialog box, change the Edge Highlighter's brush size by holding the right Bracket key to make it larger and the left Bracket to make it smaller.

  • Direct Select Pen:
    To get the Direct Select Pen (the hollow arrow) press "A" (note: you can also hold the Command key [PC: Control-key]) to get this tool anytime you have another Pen tool selected.

  • Convert Point Shortcut:
    Hold the Option key (PC: Alt key) to get the Convert Point tool when any other Pen is selected.

  • Healing Brush:
    Press J to get the Healing Brush.


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