Dream Photo Effect

I'll show you how to create dream photo effect.

Step 1: First open any image.

Step 2: Duplicate the layer For create nice dream effect go to Image> Adjustments> Photo Filter and apply these settings:

Step 3: Now go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and apply these settings:

Step 4: Change the layer mode to Multiply and adjust the opacity slider according to requirement. In this image I use opacity to 80%.

Step 5: Then go to Image> Adjustments> Levels and select "Red" Channel.

Step 6: Duplicate the layer and change the mode back to Normal.
Go to Filter> Distort> Diffuse Glow and apply these settings:

Step 7: Reduce the opacity of the layer according to requirements. I use opacity 70%.

Step 8: In the final step go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast and use these ettings:

Here's is the Final Result!:


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