Fire Ball Effect

Using photoshop filters see how to create realistic fireball effect.

Step 1: Create a new documents 500x500. Now press "D" on your keyboard to reset the foreground and background colors to black and white. Press Alt + Backspace make your background is BLACK.

Step 2: Go to Filter> Render> Clouds and then Filter> Render> Difference Clouds.

Step 3: Now Filter> Artistic> Plastic Wrap and apply these settings:

Step 4: In this step go to Filter> Stylize> Glowing Edges and apply these settings:

Step 5: Now duplicate the layer and set the new duplicated layer blending mode to Color Burn.

Step 6: Select Layer 1.

Go to Filter> Render> Lens Flare right in the middle and apply these settings:

Step 7: Go to Image> Adjustment> Hue/Saturation or press Ctrl+U and apply these color settings:

Here's is the Final Result!:


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