Golden Text Effect

We are going to make some simple but effective gold text with just a few layer styles.

Step 1: Let's start.

Step 2: After creating your document you can add in a nice, suitable background. I used a #201f20 to #171714 gradient.

Step 3: Using the Type Tool and write out your text with yellowish color.
I use font name 'Times New Roman', size 100 pt, Italic, Bold and color #be9112.

Step 4: Now after creating yellowish text go into the Blending Options for your text layer and apply the following layer styles:

Step 7: In the final step make a new layer and then merge with text layer. Then finish up by doing a few effects such as a Brightness/Contrast. Go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast and apply these settings:

Here's is the final result!


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