Neon Text Effect

Learn how to make an amazing neon text effect. This tutorial works best with a colored background.

Step 1: First, create a document 400 x 200 pixel. Make sure that you make the background black and the foreground white.

Step 2: Start off by selecting the text tool. For the purpose of this tutorial we will use 'Cooper Std' as our text of choice and write the word 'Neon' in any size you wish. I used 120 as my size of text. This is how it should look about now..

Step 3: Now in your layers panel, put the 'fill' to 0%. The text should now look like it disappeared. But don't worry, it's still there. This means is that everything but the layer effects will show through.

Step 4: In this step now click on the layer's blending options and enter in these settings. For our tutorial, I used any shades of green but you may use any color you want as long as these settings are similar.

Step 5: Doesn't it look hot? Don't touch it unless you want to get burned!

Step 6: Now let's take it a couple of steps further and create a better effect and enhance the one we have already. Once the layer has been flattened so we only have the final image, bring out the text tool. In white, write the same exact word in the same size directly on top of it so it looks like the following.

Step 7: Now it will be a similar process to how it started. Bring the fill level in down to 0% like before. You will get the image we used in step 5.

Step 8: You go to blending options and under outer glow select these options. What this does is give the neon more flare like it does in reality, because once you put a white color dodge over it, the inner bands become hotter and outer bands look as though they are a lighter tint of yellow or just whiter.

Step 9: This next step is optional. If you want to take the effect a little further, you may also add an inner glow in the blending options. The settings are a little different though the color may be the same. You may try this out.

Step 10: Finally, you should have an image similar to this, or exactly like this. It may look good or ok now, but wait till you place it over images, incorporate into creating a sign, or just using different fonts. The possibilities are endless.


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