Old Photo Effect

We are going to show you how to convert photo into old photo effect.

Step 1: First open any image.

Step 2: Go to Image> Adjustment> Desaturate (or press Ctrl+Shift+U) for desaturate the image.

Step 3: Now go to Image> Adjustment> Hue>Saturation (or press Ctrl+U) and use these settings:

Step 4: Add some noise so go to Filter> Noise> Add Noise, for this image this setting are the best.

Step 5: Make a new layer. Now We need dual brush for the final touch with this settings here. Pencil with Dual Brush.

Step 6: So making some rough stuff with Pencil with Dual Brush.

Step 7: Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and use these settings:

Step 8: Select your background layer. Then select Lasso Tool and make a selection.

Step 9: Go to Edit> Free Transform and rotate little bit on right side.

Step 10: In final step, now click on the selected area and with keyboard right arrow little bit slip to right.
That's all!!!


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