Photo Sketch Effect

Quick way to create an extremely simple sketch effect. You can apply this effect to any digital image.

Step 1: First open any image.

Step 2: Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J.
Go to Image> Adjustments> Desaturate.

Step 3: Duplicate the layer again and go to Image> Adjustments> Invert or press Ctrl+I.
Set the blend mode to Color Dodge.

Step 4: So now it's time to apply sketch effect. Go to Filter> Other> Minimum and set the radius. The larger the radius the darker the lines will be.

After this your photo result:

Step 5: Duplicate your original image layer by selecting it in the layers palette.
Now move the duplicate layer to the top of the layer stack, and set the blend mode to Color.

Here's is the Final Result!:


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