Photoshop Electric Swirl Effect

In this photoshop tutorial we will create an amazing looking electric swirl effect.

Step 1: Let's start.

Step 2: Press "d" then "x" to reset your colour pallet. The Press Ctrl+Backspace to fill the document with your background colour black.

Step 3: Go to Filter> Render> Lens Flare and Use the default settings. Place the centre of the flare in the top left hand corner.

Step 4: Go to Filter> Sketch> Chrome and apply these settings:

Step 5: Set the layer to lighten. Then duplicate the layer (Ctrl+j) 6 times.

Step 6: Go to Filter> Distort> Wave. Use the default settings and click "Randomize" a couple of times. Do the same for the next 3 layers.

Step 7: On the seccond last layer go to Filter> Distort> Twirl and apply these settings:.

Step 8: On the last layer go to Filter> Distort> Twirl and use the setting Angle: -150.
Then merge all the layers together (Ctrl+Shift+E).
Now go to Images> Adjustment> Hue/Saturation (shortcut of Hur/Saturation press Ctrl+U) and apply these setting:

Step 9: Then Go Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur and set Radius: 3.0.

Step 10: In the final step Go Edit> Fade Gaussian Blur (Shift+Ctrl+f) and apply these settings:

Here's is the Final Result!:


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