Expert Exposure Correction with Layer Masks

This Photoshop technique uses layer masks to prevent highlights and shadows from being blown out.

Step 1: First open an image.

Step 2:In the Layers palette, click on the new fill or adjustment layer button and a menu will appear. In the menu, select Curves.

Now a Curves window will appear with what looks like a graph.
Adjusting the exposure is easy with the curves. Start by clicking on the middle of the line to create a point. To brighten the image, click and drag that point towards the top left corner create an arch. To darken the image, click and drag the point towards the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Select the adjustment layer, go to Image> Apply Image. Use the default setting, only checkmark the Invert option.

Step 4: Click the new fill or adjustment layer and select Brightness and Contrast. Adjust the Contrast to correct the contrast in the image.

Step 4: Go to Image> Apply Image. The settings should be the same as the previous settings.

Here's the final result!




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