Photo Lighting Effect

An easy tutorial which we are going to show you how to create Photo Lighting Effect on Image.

Step 1: First open an image.

Step 2: Make a selection with your favourite tool.

Press Ctrl+Alt+D to apply feather to the selection, I use 1 pixel.

Step 3: Now press Ctrl+J to copy the selection in new layer and name it 'Layer 1'.
Now create a new layer and name it 'Layer 2'.

Fill the new 'Layer 2' background with white color.
Then go to Filter> Render> Lighting Effects and apply the following setting:

You can use the different setting as depend on your Image.

Step 4: In this step place the 'Layer 1' on the top of the layer palette.
And set the 'Layer 1' blending mode to 'Overlay'.

Here's the final result!


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