Duotone Photo Effect

Easy way to convert your photos into Duotone Photo Effect.

Step 1: First open an image.

Step 2: Go to Image> Mode> Greyscale. A message will pop up asking you if you want to discard color information, click OK and continue.

After Click Discard your Image looks like:

Step 3: Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J and go to Image> Mode> Duotone. Select colors depending on the toning that you want to give to your photo.
Here's is my setting:

Step 4: Set the layer blending mode to 'Screen' and Opacity to '70%'.

Step 5: Merge the layer together by pressing Ctrl+E.
Now press 'D' to reset your color palette.
Create a new layer and go to Filter> Render Clouds and set the new layer blending mode 'Screen' and Opacity to '40%':

Here's the final result!


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