Funny Eyes

A funny photoshop tutorial which we are going to show you how to create funny eyes.

Step 1: Open a photo.

Step 2: Create a new layer and rename the layer as "left eye".
Then draw a circle with the Eliptical Marquee Tool in the left eye of the cat while holding SHIFT key to get a perfect circle.

Step 3: Fill the selection with white color.
Now double click the "left eye" layer to choose Blending Options and use these settings:

Drop Shadow:

Inner Shadow:

Bevel and Emboss:

Step 4: Create another layer and rename it as "left eye circle".
Then select the Eliptical Marquee Tool and draw a circle over the last circle a little smaller while holding SHIFT key.
Fill the background with any color you choose, I have used color #2c0505.

Step 5: Now you have the left eye almost finished.
Duplicate both layers to make the right eye in the same way.
Move the layers to get the effect you like and you have finished.

Final Effect


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